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Storytelling for Business



Stories hold the power to connect, communicate and compel people to act. But crafting and telling stories that resonate requires a delicate balance of art and science. The Storytelling for Business Workshop unpacks the secrets to crafting a strong story and delivering it well. This workshop is intended for audiences that find themselves communicating with diverse audience like media, potential investors and donors, current and prospective customers, as well as employees.


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Learn proven tools and strategies to craft an authentic strategic narrative for your business including:

  • The science of story

  • Leading with purpose

  • Developing compelling intention and obstacle

  • Constructing heroes and villains

  • Identifying and using your ‘magic gifts’

  • Story sequencing

  • Tapping in to an ‘emotional through line’

The workshop is structured so that you will get a chance to put these strategies in practice and get feedback that will allow you to walk out on the path to a having a stronger story.


Your Instructor

Jeff Gadway is a sought after marketer fuelled by passion and curiosity. As Director of Worldwide Product Marketing at BlackBerry, Jeff shaped and shepherded the narrative for products, services and applications. From taking the stage to introduce products at global launch events, to selling products on The Shopping Channel, Jeff has developed the ability to connect with audiences and tell a story that compels them to act. 

"Great stories hold great power to move employees, customers, investors - but what makes a great story that rallies people to go on a journey with you and causes them to act?" - Jeff Gadway

Today, Jeff is co-founder of Galvanize Worldwide - the largest distributed network of marketing and communications experts. At Galvanize, he works with brands, political candidates and public figures to seize the power of an authentic story, well told.  


Date: Wednesday, February 27

Place: Studio On King - 2 King St. South, Waterloo ON

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Cost: $195 per person (contact for groups of 2 or more)



  • 2.5 hr Masterclass

  • Course workbook

  • Lifetime access to the online community of past participants

  • 30 minute followup coaching session with marketing masterclass instructor


Cancellations prior to 24 hrs of your scheduled marketing masterclass will receive a full refund.