Marketing Masterclass
Marketing Masterclass
Become a better storyteller.

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Presentation, Storytelling and Communication Training.

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Crafting and telling stories that resonate with your audience are key to winning customers, attracting top talent and raising capital.

Learn how to shape a narrative, bring ideas to life through presentations and communicate with clarity and confidence in this Presentations Skills Masterclass workshop series.

Presentation TRAINING

Build and sharpen communication skills in this interactive workshop series.

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Perfect for


Marketing & Sales

Sharpen your story and become confident delivering compelling, clear presentations for audiences of one to one thousand.

Engineers & Product Managers

Simplify complex technical concepts and bring them to life through compelling storytelling that makes the value of your products clear.

Founders & Leaders

Hire top talent, rally your team around your vision and secure cheap capital by using storytelling to take your audience with you on a journey.



“I would recommend Marketing Masterclass to all early-stage companies that are looking to refine their company’s messaging. As a facilitator and teacher, Jeff is highly engaging and articulate. The Art of Storytelling workshop helped SWTCH strengthen our story for investors and customers and gave us the tools to confidently deliver that message on stage.”

— Laura Bryson, COO at SWTCH


“Our Marketing Masterclass helped our executive team tap into a more compelling message and gave us practical takeaways that allowed us to start communicating more effectively come Monday morning.”

— Cynthia Rubino, CEO YMCA of Central & Northern Westchester

“Storytelling is an entrepreneurial superpower critical to getting buy-in from investors and customers alike. Marketing Masterclass offers a toolkit that helps founders communicate their value in an engaging way.”

— Chris Arsenault, Managing Partner at iNovia Capital


“Jeff Gadway is a great speaker! The founders very much appreciated his presentation at the Fierce Founders Bootcamp this summer. His ideas that are relevant to every level of stage for today’s tech savvy entrepreneurs!”

— Danielle Graham, Program Manager, OCE and creator of the Fierce Founders Programs.



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Jeff Gadway

My passion can boiled down to singular focus - helping people distill and communicate their ideas - their stories.

This passion came in to focus for me during my time at BlackBerry. I was responsible for introducing new products to the world through large keynote launch presentations in front of thousands of customers and media. I learned how to simplify complex technologies into stories that got people to buy in to and rally around our vision. It was a skill that took me around the world as a company spokesperson and even on TV selling over $1M in product over 24 hours on the shopping channel.

I’ve gone on to guest lecture at WLU and UofT and deliver workshops for organizations like C2 Montreal, Communitech, and the Canadian Marketing Association, helping students embrace the power of storytelling, messaging and positioning to build support for their ideas and develop confidence as presenters.

Today I work with marketers, engineers, founders and teams to become more confident communications and persuasive presenters. I’ve developed the Presentation Skills Masterclass workshop series to share everything that I know about communicating with confidence - research, industry best practices, lessons from failure. I look forward to meeting you and helping you tell your story.